Flame On at Buskerfest 2008 in Toronto

Who says you should not play with fire? This busker at Buskerfest 2008 in Toronto wowed the crowd with his fire eating skills. Advertisements

Bubbling Black Creek near Limehouse

Here is a lone limestone bridge, built circa 1850, still spanning across Black Creek which flows quietly below it on a summer afternoon in Limehouse. This bridge, is part of the Limehouse kiln ruins… Continue reading

Red Bull Flugtag 2008 Ottawa-Gatineau – Setting the Scene

The Red Bull Flugtag drew thousands of spectators to the shore near the Musuem of Civilization in Gatineau. Thirty-two high-flying daredevils dazzled the crowd with their attempts at flight. A great event in… Continue reading

Red Bull Flugtag 2008 Ottawa-Gatineau – Crowd Shot

An estimated 30,000 spectators were expected to take in this year’s flugtag via spectator sites in Gatineau and Ottawa. This crowd stood and sat shoulder-to-shoulder behind the the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau near… Continue reading

Red Bull Flugtag 2008 Ottawa-Gatineau – Red Bull Baron

My personal favourite, the Red Bull Baron Jager Bomber entry members danced up a storm before taking flight. By far, the coolest outfits, and the massive beer stein and sausage props were used… Continue reading

Red Bull Flugtag 2008 Ottawa-Gatineau – Surf In The City wins

The Surf In The City glider sails to victory and wins! The entry landed just three feet shy of a Canadian Flugtag record.

Red Bull Flugtag 2008 Ottawa-Gatineau – Surf In The City

Surf In The City – the 2008 Red Bull Flugtag Ottawa-Gatineau winners take flight! In a craft themed on Sex In The City and west coast surfing, the Surf In The City entry… Continue reading

Red Bull FlugTag 2008 in Ottawa-Gatineau – Le Red Bug

These bees can’t fly! Daredevils. Attention-seekers. Creative flyers. RedBull FlugTag 2008 in Ottawa-Gatineau was a great and quirky experience, with 32 different flyers taking to the skies, ever so briefly, before plunging two… Continue reading

Parry Island Escape

This stunning sunset is on Georgian Bay and the photo was taken from a sandy beach on Parry Island . Everything was bathed in red, gold and orange, everything felt warm and just… Continue reading


MARVELS MADE BY HAND Attached to the Mandir is a Haveli, an intricate marvel hand-carved in teak wood. The Haveli is adorned with musicians, poets and dancers all carved by hand. The perfect… Continue reading